Friday, July 10, 2015

AAR15: Charging Ahead (A Battle of 15mm Imagi-Nations)

After much debate, the Uwandan Army planned to attack Mugabia's southwestern most region, attacking objective B15, with the intent to take the objective and then swing north to encircle the occupied Pettu territory.

Objective B15 is located just east of the Uwanda-Mugabia
border at bottom center of the map.

Mugabia did not foresee a Uwandan attack into Mugabian territory.  It would be seen as an escalation in the conflict.  Out of character for Uwanda, and unlikely enough, that the Mugabian defenses were maybe not what they should have been.

Mugabian forces were deployed and consisted of an infantry company, 2x 85mm antitank guns, a T34/23 (a local conversion with a ZU23/2 antiaircraft gun replacing the normal turret), 3x T34/85, and 3x SU100. In addition to the 90 or so infantry were 20 local ULF fighters.
Mugabian view looking west.

The Uwandan attack was lead by a recce squadron of 3x Ferrets, and 4x Saladin armored cars, 4x Centurion 3s, a single M42, a mechanized infantry company of 13 Saracens and 118 men, and all backed by a battery of 6x M7 Preists, and possibly air support.

Uwandan view looking east.

The battle actually started in the air, where Uwanda's four F5Es swept  pairs of Mig21s and Mig17s from the sky, despite the Mig17s getting the jump on the F5Es.

On the ground, Uwanda recce moved into position and directed artillery on the gate, watchtower, and right side of the Mugabian line. 

Artillery falling near the gate

Col Chuma grimaced as the first volley of Uwanda artillery fell.  " So this is where they finally attack. Now we'll see if my men learned anything from the Cubans."

Uwanda recce advances.

The impressive artillery display, resulted in few casualties.  As the Uwanda recce advanced, they quickly took loses from RPGs and T34/85s hidden in the trees on the Mugabian right.

T34/85s hidden in the trees.
The Centurions advanced, but could not find the T34s in time to save the Uwanda recce squadron.  They did eventually destroy the T34s, while artillery missed the T34s and most of the surrounding infantry.

The Centurions advance.

While the Centurions then struggled with RPGs, losing two tanks, Col. Chuma ordered his SU100s to advance up the Mugabian left, eventually flanking the Centurions and advancing infantry company.  Initially the SU100s couldn't find the mark, but in time they destroyed a Centurion and several Saracens.  The last Centurion maneuvered to engage the SU100s, but became entangled with  more infantry and the 85mm anti-tank guns. 

SU100s move into position.

Sgt. Jumah slewed the turret around and barked, " Gunner, Sabot, tank..." BOOM "...forward."  As the round left the barrel, the SU100 also fired.  The Centurion's round found its target, while the SU100's did not.

Centurion engages SU100 downrange, just left of the end of the fence.

The Centurion lurched forward, moving behind the customs building, and the driver yelled, "RPG!"  The last thing Sgt Chuma saw, was the wall of the flame from exploading ammo that consumed him.

Left of the blue roofed custons building, is Sgt. Jumah's Centurion,
shortly before it was destroyed.

Despite the loss of an infantry platoon and the last Centurion, the infantry company attempted to carry on the fight.  Meanwhile, Uwandan Strikemasters finally arrived and tried in vain to bomb the remaining SU100s.

A Strikemaster hunting SU100s.
The Saracens' machineguns raked Mugabian infantry in the trees near the abandoned and destroyed T34s, but RPGs continued to take their toll.  The Uwandan's did forced Col. Chuma to move his command post and withdraw into the town. As losses continued, the Uwandan company commander finally gave the order to disengage and withdraw north.

Farthest point of advance, moments before the Saracens
fled the battle to the right.

As the Saracens fled the battle, Strikemasters overhead continued the hunt the SU100s, having little success, while killing a small number of infantry.

A Strikemaster, continuing to have little effect.
As the Uwandan infantry veered north and then west,  Col. Chuma felt a great sense of relief, "They are beaten for now." Turning to his XO, "We must re-deploy immediately.  They will be back."
The end.  Smoke a wrecks litter the battlefield.

The Mugabians rounded up prisoners, tended their wounded and re-organized and re-deployed.   Their success was commended, and replacements would soon arrive. Col. Chuma felt little comfort.

Well, the battle went nothing like I expected.  When the Uwandan Air force destroyed the Migs, I thought that this would end up being a lopsided battle in favor of Uwanda.  But the artillery had little effect, and early on the T34s and RPGs couldn't seem to miss.  Losses were as follows:

2x Ferret
4x Saladin
4 Centurion 3
7 Saracen
11 Taken Prisoner

1x Mig21 killed, 1x damaged
1x Mig17 killed, 1x damaged
1x 85mm D48 gun
2x T34/85 (another was tracked abandoned, and recovered)
1x SU100
1x T34/23
23x KIA

11x Uwandan Infantry
1x Saracen APC

A terrible loss for Uwanda, and possibly a very important victory for Mugabia.  I have to roll some dice, but this may stop Uwanda's plan in their tracks.  We'll see what happens.


  1. That attack went pair shape fast. Great report.

  2. Excellent! I really like your terrain and the narrative. What are you using for rules?

    1. Thanks, the rules are homebrew, both for the tactical tabletop game and for the strategic portion.

  3. Good report but that really didn't go well for the Uwandans! Perhaps some smoke rounds and a supported dismounted assault next time?

    1. No, dumb idea to just try to plow through like that. The dice have decided that there will be a follow-up attack, which will look more like you recommend.

  4. I just love your tables ..first rate.