Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Ambush

On the way back from the visit with the scavs, the Goat ran into an ambush.  Here is Charley's take on it:

"We was comin' back from the scavs, when we found a wreck on the road, that hadn't been there before.  We saw the smoke some ways out, and scanned it through the imager.  Couldn't really see anything but a wreck and some smoke.  Panky decided to approach slowly, keeping an eye out for a likely ambush.

Smoke in the distance.

View from the other side.
The ambushers.
When we got there, Panky sent me out to take a look, and sure enough...ambush.  "You can just stop right there, drop your're weapons, and get out that truck." The voice came from the right, and I just dropped.  The voice fired, Panky had the turret on auto, the gun burped and just liquefied the voice.

Charley checks things out.
"Just stop right there!"

Then the goat took fire from two others, Panky took a hit in the vest, got really pissed, let the auto-engage go, and just shot the hell out of everything.  I just laid there like a rug.

Two guys take on the Goat with rifles.
They lost. Charley is okay in the middle of the road.

The last guy tried to surrender, but Panky wasn't taking prisoners today, so that didn't work out so well for him.  The goat shredded him too, not sure that Panky really wanted to do that; I think the auto-engage just got away from her.  Either way, Panky was wired, and just started yelling at me for being useless.  I asked her if the auto-engage was off; she didn't seem to 'preciate that much, but I didn't want to get shredded too.  She confirmed, and I searched the splats for anything interesting.

Last guy tried to surrender, he didn't survive.

Turned out to just be some gangers.  Musta saw our dust cloud, and thought that they'd rustle up some new wheels.  They musta been stupid or something, 'cause they clearly didn't stand a chance against the goat with what they had.

Anyway, the whole thing put Panky in a crap mood for the rest of the trip.  Guess she just don't like killing people, even when they got it coming.  We just stayed quiet 'till we got back, reported on the scavs and ambush, and then I went off to clean up and get some chow."

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