Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Base for my Post-Apoc Gas Station (Part 3)

While working on my post-apoc highway, I also made the base for my gas station.  The base consists of a 1'x2' tile of 1" thick EPS foam, finished in the same fashion as the highway sections in the previous post.

Once the basic surface of the tile was complete, I added some more bits to make the base a little more interesting.  I decided to make all of the bits removable to facilitate easier storage of the base with my other terrain tiles. 

Raised detail included indication of the guard rail that once surrounded much of the gas station's lot, a raised island for the gas pumps, and the original sign post for the station.

With a roadway tile that includes drives mating to the gas station lot, here is the final product:

Figs are 28mm Copplestone (I think).

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  1. Nice work- looks the part based on the PC games I've played.