Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Visit With The Scavs

Every now and then, we bump into the Scavs.  Sometimes we check on 'em, see if they're okay, if they have anything new to trade, and what news they might have.  Other times we just happen into 'em, like today.  They seem to get everywhere and know everything that happens in the wastes.  Heck, they often know more about what we're doing, than we do.

The Scavs aren't part of the Confederation.  They're too tribal for that; plus, they don't completely trust us.  But they have helped us in the past, and we try to help them, usually.
Approaching the gas station in the Goat, having already missed the action.

They don't tend to grow or raise too much, at least not like we do, but they find stuff, and build things too.  The scavs live in the old ruins out east, and live kind of rough, building makeshift houses out of the ruins and rubble.  They say that they stay free that way.  Mostly good people, but kinda crazy, little scary sometimes.

The scavs were a little twitchy, but luckily everybody stayed cool, nobody got shot.

Anyway, we arrived at the old gas station, off of the old high way. And some of the scavs were there, doin' their thing.   Seems they had a run in with somebody and killed a man.  I went out with a couple of them and checked the body.  Kind of a big guy, but nothing special.  Typical rifle and personal items, but don't know who he was, or who he was with.  The scav's took his stuff, buried him.

Headin' out to check the body with the scavs.
The victim from earlier.

The "Captain" was there, don't know if that's his rank or his name, and we shared the latest news with him.  He said that some travelers from way out east said that the Greenies are spreading.  He also said some travelers claimed to have been chased by some sort of robot soldiers, while rooting around some old-time government place up north.  Said they lost some folk.  He told a good story, ain't no more robots after the end, though.  Not for a long time.

Talkin' with the scavs. The narrator, Charley, is to the right above.

Told him how we had 'lectricity in several Confederation towns now.  He laughed, didn't believe us.  Said 'lectricity is like robots, don't happen after the end.  And, said he still ain't joining the Confederation, even if it was true 'bout the 'lectricity.

Shanie was with him, they call her "Princess". One of their best trackers, showed us a gun that she found.  A real beast, looks like it might shoot through our armor.  Shanie is one of the toughest guys you ever gonna meet.  When she was a kid, bandits attacked and killed her family.  She was maybe 12. Killed seven of 'em, before they gave up trying to get her.  She is real smart, invisible quiet, and a great shot.  Might be kinda pretty too, if she'd ever take a bath.

Panky, the "Goat" commander to the left, the Captain center, and Shanie to the right.

We traded the Captain some medicine for some 'lectric parts they found somewhere, and some books, and we headed out.  It was a good visit.

This action was interesting in that it didn't need to result in a combat, and the rules allowed it to develop as an encounter without shooting.  My hope is for the game to permit light role-playing that will allow for a story greater in scope than simply fighting.  So far, it seems to work.


  1. Happy New Year! Great game table! As I understand it - one of your armored vehicles on the photo?

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you. Yes, the Goat is a scratch-build.

  2. Looks like you're having some fun there.

    Happy New Year.

    1. Definitely having fun, Happy New Year, and congrats on your book. I'll be picking up a copy as soon as the print info is available.

  3. interesting, what rules you playing this with?

    1. Another homebrew set. It is an evolution of the rules used with my Colonial adventure games with tech added in. Currently all hand written, hoping to get it typed up soon.