Monday, December 11, 2017

28mm Abandoned Gas Station part 2

I finally got the gas station more of less completed (well, at least the building).  Here are some pics:

It looks a bit cruddier in person.  The pictures kept coming out pretty dark, so when I adjusted, much of the dust and dirt got "brightened" away. The fig is 28mm, I think Copplestone, for a bit of scale reference.

Anyway, mix of enamels and acrylics, evening used a base coat of spry paint, after nearly ruining it with my first brush coat.

Wish I had a photo showing the roof of the actual place, as I have no idea what they looked like from topside.  The sea of white looks a little bland. 

Next stop is to get to work on the base for it, and the road sections.  I'm hoping to start cutting foam this evening.


  1. Very nice! I would be very happy to clear said location of Rad Scorpions, pillage it of supplies, and repair my powered armor there for further adventures any time! Really does look the part.

  2. That's great! I like the floor tiles and the weathering. Very effective.