Friday, December 29, 2017

After: The First Encounter

This is the first "battle" in my post-apoc world.  Basically, just a small, simple encounter to allow a run through of the rules, yet another of my home-brew things.

The scenario was a brief skirmish where a couple of "scavs" were baby-sitting a few boxes of loot, until more help could get there to move them, and were happened upon, by three "salvagers".

The set-up was that two scavs were in the gas station, with three boxes of goods in the service bay.  Assistance would enter the board on turn 8 from the far end of the table.  The three salvagers entered from the left in the photo below, roughly to the rear of the gas station.

View of the table game at start.  The Salvagers
enter at the rocks clipped off on the left edge.
The scav in the front of the building was spotted after
moving to the window at the left.
Quickly, the leader of the salvagers spotted a scav as he peered out of the window of the station, and his two associates moved near the board edge to get more out of sight of any other occupants of the gas station.

The associates advance, while their boss covers them from
 just out of the view to the right.

As the two associates advanced towards the building, the scav in the service bay saw them through the rear door, and fired at the fig in the black coat, causing two wounds, and  taking him out of the game.

As the associate was hit, their leader fired at the scav in the window, missing completely, and giving away his position.

The salvager leader, preparing to shoot.
The target returning fire.
The scav, annoyed by being shot at, returned fire, causing a light wound.  The leader hit, with a man down, called off the "operation".

Help arrives (between the building the table edge).
Just as the salvagers exited the board, leaving their associate to bleed out, help arrived for the scavs (not that they needed it).  Now the scavs could be on their way with their three boxes of loot.


Like I said, just a very simple run through of the rules.  No obvious bugs; moving, sighting, shooting and modifiers seemed to work fine.  I went on with a second encounter, to test some of the non-shooting stuff and will share that in a day or so.

About the only thing that went wrong, is that you will notice the difference in color of my highway terrain pieces, as compared to the surrounding pieces.  It seems that my newer batch of Woodland Scenics flock is a lot lighter than some of my older stuff.  I've been using the same mixture for roughly 29 years, and have noticed variations over the years, but not like this.  Guess I'm going to be adding another layer of flock as soon as I buy some brown stuff to darken up my terrain. 

I also realized that I need to make some additional terrain pieces. Just some rises, maybe with a few rocky crags sticking out here and there,  something besides my "Goblin Valley" pieces.


  1. Thanks for the write-up. Interested in having someone else test drive your rules? They might see something that you don't just because of a fresh set of eyes, or, because they interpret what you've written that fits what is provided, but not what you meant it to.



    1. Good idea on the rules. I've got a couple things to settle out first, and get it typed up. Right now it is still all hand written.