Sunday, November 5, 2017

Federation Fighters for Star Fleet Battles

I completed three squadrons of fighters for use in Star Fleet Battles games.  The models were produced by GZG, and I've painted them for use as Federation F-14s, F-18s and A-10s.  I painted up 12 fighters for each squadron, which should permit me to tailor them as needed for the various CV complements, giving me options for early and later fighter types.

Here are some pix:





And on their handy-dandy transport tray:

The tray is made from two pieces of .08 inch styrene sheet with two pieces of magnetic rubber sheet attached.  The tray will hold 24 fighters mounted on 1/4 inch washers.  Six of these will fit into the storage boxes that I am using for my SFB miniatures.

The fighter bases are 1/4 inch steel flat washers glued to 15mm plastic bases with a 1 inch piece of brass wire mounted in the plastic.  A hole is drilled in the underside of the fighter, and it is glued in place with a drop of super glue.

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