Friday, October 27, 2017

First Order From Grubby Tanks

A couple of weekends back, I placed my first order with Grubby Tanks for some Britannia 20mm Vietnam figs to round out my units.  My other Britannia figs had been purchased some years ago, prior to Grubby Tanks acquiring the Britannia line. 

The package arrived 10 days (including the weekend) after ordering, with everything in good order and a couple of extras thrown in.  All things considered, service was exceptional, and I will definitely order again.

Mostly, I picked up casualty markers, and some crew figures and odds and ends to fill out some squads, which gives me a platoon each of US, PAVN and VC.  The figures are in the typical Britannia style (which I love), and since there doesn't seem to be a lot of pics of these out there, they are pictured below with their item numbers/descriptions:

US - NAM20  Five Man Arty Crew

US - NAM07 Private Standing Firing M79 Grenade Launcher
(figure shown from both sides)

US - NAM10 Medic Advancing with M16
US - Two figures carrying wounded comrade

US - NAM19  3*x Dead Figures
(Website states 2x, but you get 3 figs)

VCG05 VC Advancing Firing Various Sub machine guns
VCG04  VC Advancing with rifles

VCG17  3 Wounded VC

VCG18  3 Dead VC
VIL01  Water Buffalo      and     VIL02 Pot Bellied Pigs
I'll post pics of them painted as soon as I can.

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