Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Finally Found My Mephalian Gort

Not much happening on the gaming front around here, but I am celebrating finding my long lost Mephalian Gort!  It was lost during the great flood of ...whenever it was, a few years back, when my basement got disconflubbergasted.   Tonight, I was sorting through about six boxes of supplies for making trees and shrubberies (now reduced to four boxes), and found him foraging at the bottom of a box of greenery.

Foundry fig. included for scale, he's 34mm tall, the Gort is 60mm.

The Gort was part of Alpha Forge's 28mm line of Mephalian's for the ( I believe) Star Mogul  rules system.  Anyway, the Gort came with two or three Mephalian handlers, which are still hiding somewhere in my basement. 

The Gort was a really nicely detailed beast, standing 60mm off of its base.  I had hoped to get a few of them to use as mutant mounts for a post apocalyptic faction, but only managed to purchase the one, before Alpha Forge closed its doors.

I know that Mega Miniatures purchased part of the Alpha Forge line, but don't know if they acquired that miniature, and haven't been able to track down the Mephalians otherwise.

Anyway, WOOHOO, I found my Gort.


  1. That's a great find. I don't believe any one is making the Mephalians any more.

    1. I've been trying to find it for about two years, as I need it for a faction in a near future game. It's a shame that the Alpha Forge lines got broken up, and that many of the figs seem to be unavailable. The Mephalians, Asteroid Miners, and many of the drones and robots were way cool.