Monday, November 6, 2017

Federation Carriers and More

Here are a few pics of some rides for my Federation fighters and a few vessels to escort the CVs. 

The Old Federation CVA
This an old TFG casting from around 1985, don't know if the current
ADB one is identical or not.

Federation CVS
From ADB, this uses a similar, but different saucer from the CAs that I have, and the
secondary haul has shuttle bay doors at the front and back of the secondary hull

An  ADB casting.

Also from ADB. I think both he NCL and FF would have benefitted
aesthetically from have the engines mounted on pylons similar to the Tug.

Scout and Larson Class Destroyer
The Scout (left), is from Lou Zocchi, the Larson Class destroyer from
FASA (right), fits in nicely with the TFG and ADB models.

And a shot of the group

Eventually, I intend to get decals on these models, but probably not until after Christmas.


  1. Nice to see old models brought out and made table ready.

    1. I'm having quite the nostalgic trip working on some of these. I've got three more dating back to 1982-83 that I'm working on now.

  2. Nice work. As it happens I am (slowly) working on a CVS that I converted, as well as a few other Fed conversions.

    What rules do you use for the Larson?

    1. Thanks, in the short term, the Larson will just serve as a normal DD for us in our SFB campaign. Probably use it as a DD variant in stand alone games.

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