Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Space Bubble - Still Not Quite a Spaceship in 28mm

Here are a few photos of the "space bubble", the second part of my 28mm pseudo-spaceship/time machine/alternate universe portal thingy.

I got a couple of hours to rough the thing out tonight, using the same tools and materials as for the crater with the addition of the Foam Factory foam cutter.  I am surprised that I got as far along as I did, though there is still a lot of work to be done, it has definitely taken shape.

The first three views show the process of mounting up the layers of 1 inch thick foam and cutting the basic bowl shape with the hot wire foam cutter and surform.

The next view shows the complete bubble roughed out, with sides splayed open after impact.. 
The last three views are of the bubble resting in the crater.

There is still a ton of work left to do, the walls need to be thinned to around 3/4 inch thickness (they vary up to 3 inches thick right now), and then textured inside and out.  I'm hoping to get most of that done tomorrow, and maybe a start on the conveyance inside as well.

I'll post some more WIPs in the next day or two.

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