Monday, June 17, 2013

28mm Not Quite a Spacehip Update - Space Bubble Takes Shape

I managed to nearly complete construction of the space bubble part of my contraption yesterday, so thought I'd share a few more pics. 

The exterior has a scale-like texture created with one of the Foam Factory hotwire tools, while the pitted interior texture was "dremelled" into the model.  It still needs a little clean-up work, but is mostly ready for priming and painting.  The fig is again the 28mm Copplestone scavenger for size reference.

I know that a number of people have been looking at this project thinking that I've totally lost it (including my wife an daughter, who offered, "I thought you were making something for gaming, what's with the dinosaur egg?)  The "space bubble" is basically the skin of the vessel that will transport the aliens to earth.  Inside will be a more "conventional" structure containing the aliens themselves (which I did get a small start on yesterday). 

I'm hoping to get the next piece mostly together today, so hopefully another post will appear tonight or tomorrow.

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