Thursday, June 20, 2013

Space Bubble Update

Progress has been a little slower than I had hoped, but here are a few more WIPs of progress on my "space bubble".  I've managed to get a start on the "ship" part of the model that sets (and travels) inside the space bubble. 

Construction will mostly be from styrene sheets and shapes from Evergreen and Plastruct, as well as, a few beads and whatnot from the craft store.



Unfortunately, I don't have a way to hold the other pieces in place yet, so it doesn't look like much yet.  The legs need to be shortened and adjusted for fitting inside the bubble, and lots of bits need to be added yet.

The idea is that this thing will fit in the bubble and is the actual container in which the asteroid miners are transported.


And , here's a pic where you can actually see an asteroid miner for size reference.

In retrospect, I probably should have made the "ship" about 15-20 percent smaller, as it would have fit in the bubble a little better and would have still looked to accommodate the figs, but I'm committed now.

I expect to work on it this weekend, so will probably post a few more pics Saturday or Sunday evening.

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