Wednesday, April 11, 2018

An Evening of Casting

So, I needed some stands to make any headway on my starships for Star Fleet Battles,  But, I only have one set of molds for the bases, and it takes 20-25 minutes per casting pass. So I pulled out a bunch of my old WWII vehicle molds, and figured that I'd finish some of those WWII vehicles than I've been meaning to make for 30 years.

Four hours later, I had eight starship stands, 20 new 15mm WWII vehicles, and parts towards a bunch more.

One evening's casting.
The hex base stands for the starships.
I got out my parts boxes and matched parts for an additional 44 vehicles.

Parts boxes of previously cast bits.
My new hex bases and 64 new WWII vehicles awaiting assembly.
The parts are now all cleaned and assembly will take place over the next couple of evenings.  Hopefully I'll be back to starships by this weekend, and I have a year's supply of WWII vehicle to paint.


  1. Great stuff! Always fun to see what people are casting. What resin are you using?

    1. The resin is from Glenmark, their XXX. Sets up in about 5 minutes, can be pulled in 15-25 minutes depending on size of piece being cast. It is not the real hard brittle resin, this can be easily carved and sanded.

    2. My limited casting experience (years ago now) was with Smooth on resin, and despite what it said on the label it set in about a minute, which made for very frantic casting.