Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Modular Cliff Terrain Project - Part 4

The cliffs have progressed nicely over the last week with painting taking place this past weekend and flocking over the last couple of days.

Since last post, I lightly sanded the modules, including taking off the glossy glaze on the top of the foam with a small orbital sander.  Then, applied a coat of artist's acrylic paste with a brush, making the foam a little more resistant to impact and damage.

Liquitex acrylic modeling paste.

Examples of each height of cliff module with matte medium applied.

Then the painting process began with a base coat of brown and yellow,

Acrylic artist's paint in tube and bottle.

Examples of 6" and 3" cliff modules with base coat.

Though I struggled a little with the cliff color, the cliffs were then detailed a little more in a tan and yellow-tan, and lastly, a little highlighting was added to both with a light, almost flesh tone, tan.


After the painting was complete, I applied a very basic coat of flock to the modules with Liquitex Matte medium.  I prefer the matte medium to white glue and other mixtures.  It dries flat under the flock, which some mediums do not, and create a sheen under the flock.  It also stays rubbery, and more forgiving than other materials that become brittle after drying.  About the only drawback, is that you need to be quick and careful when applying it in low humidly environments.  it can dry rather quickly.  If you have problems with getting a solid application of flock, you can apply two coats.

A tub of matte medium.

I kept the flock application simple, using only a fine flock as it is possible that these may be used with smaller scale figs in addition to the 28mm for which they are primarily intended.

The last step was to give a cliffs a light spray of dullcoat to keep the acrylic paint from sticking together, when stacked on shelves, and the modular cliffs are ready for the game table. 

I took a couple of photos with a 30mm figure to give a sense of scale below.

With 3" cliff.
With 6" cliff.
That completes my initial modular cliff project, but I will add some specialty pieces over the next month or so, some highway and stream modules, and some transitions to go from 3" to 6" heights, etc. 

Thanks for following along with this.


  1. Holy crap Brian, that is absolutely incredible! Those look fantastic, I can’t believe you made those. If only I had half you’re talent and discipline! Congratulations man, you done great.


  2. That is some great work. Epic stuff.



  3. Those are really great! The shape is excellent, and the colors turned out well too.

    I like your ideas for expansions too, will the stream piece be a sort of "river cannon"? A waterfall would be cool too.

    1. The stream pieces are going to be waterfall sections. They will mate into my 4" wide river/ stream tiles. As I write this though, I am invisioning all sorts of cool river modules that I could make to go with these. I could do a couple different levels of canyon river sections with all sorts of interesting rock formations, trails, maybe rope bridges, caves, etc. My head is going to pop. I need more foam.

  4. Very nice cliffs and a good series of posts. They came out really well

  5. I want to thank everyone for the kind comments, they are much appreciated.

  6. That’s a spectacular scene you’ve made! I look forwards to the streams and bridges etc.