Sunday, February 11, 2018

28mm Female Arcadian Troops from Victoria Miniatures

Some years ago, I purchased some Cadian figures from the local hobbyshop as they filled the need for readily available sci-to troopers at the time.  Not long after, I became somewhat disenchanted with these figs, as GW simply did not make Cadians with the same diversity and character as their old metal Imperial Guard.  This made expanding the force somewhat challenging, as I simply needed a force of regular troops, and had no interest in the differently outfitted and equipped troops offered by GW as part of the IG army at that time.

I eventually found a role for these figs, and most recently decided to adapt the force for use in my post apocalypse world.  Again I found myself wanting to expand my force, and add more character to it, even deciding to go to Forge World if require to add a little spice.  As it turned out, even Forge World offered no Cadians of interest, so I asked on The Wargames Website for suggestions.

I was quickly referred to Victoria Miniatures for possible options for female figs compatible with GW's Cadians.  Shortly after, I placed my first order with Victoria Miniatures for a pack of Arcadian female troopers.  The ordering process was flawless, with the order arriving in the US from Australia in about two weeks.

The Miniatures are cast in a polystyrene resin, and are outstanding, with extremely fine detail, and almost no flash.  They have far more character than my GW figs, and will not be my last from Victoria Miniatures.

The Arcadian Female Trooper sprues.
Close up of detail to castings.
I also ordered a few ammo crates,
also having exceptional detail.

I quickly completed two of the figs to incorporate into an upcoming game, adding a few leftover Cadian bits such as shoulder pads, a helmet, and a canteen to make them better match my Cadian figs.  Otherwise, they are all Victoria Miniatures parts painted in my rather bland Cadian camo pattern.

Bare resin above, the darker parts are the GW pieces that I added.
Victoria Arcadians (center) flanked by GW Cadians.
And with paint in the two shots above.

My paint does them no justice.  I want to express that I am very impressed with the quality of both the figs and the service from Victoria Miniatures, and would highly recommend them.