Sunday, November 22, 2015

A little Painting this Weekend

Had a very relaxed weekend for a change, and just kind of worked hit and miss on various figs on my painting table.  Got three of the figs done from Moonraker to round out the infantry for my old IG, Dawgies trops.  The will function as a territorial defense unit in my Post-Apoc world (more on that later).  Here are the finished dudes; a sniper, a medic, and a squad leader:

Also got three 15mm Centurions and a Saracen from QRF done.  The Centurions are Centurion IIIs with 20pdr, and the Saracen is one of the remolded castings.  Very clean and with modified wheels, making it easier to assemble.


Also got paint on a few other things that I'll probably finish later this week.  Going to do some work on the blockhouse tomorrow.  Feels good to finally get a few things off of the table.  It has been awhile.

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