Friday, January 30, 2015

Rides for my Old Imperial Guard Figs (WIPs of a 28mm Sci-fi APC)

Been working a bunch again, but squeezing in a little hobby time, whenever I can.  High on the to-do list are rides for old Imperial Guard figs. 

In order to be mobile, my Guard company need a bunch of vehicles, including APCs, a command vehicle, and scout cars.  I've had a number of designs setting about for a long time, so in recent days have reworked a couple of the old ideas a little.

The regular squads will get a six wheeled APC/MICV with a light auto-cannon in a low profile turret.  The platoon HQs will get a version of the same vehicle with a larger turret with a heavier gun.  The command vehicle will be a boxier version of the APC with raised superstructure and no turret, and the scouts will get two copies of a completely different four wheeled recce car with turret and light cannon, and will also carry a drone.

Here are a few WIPs of the APC and the two turrets, the first two photos show the PHQ turret as it was being shaped:
The PAC with the roughed out PHQ variant turret.
With PHQ turret close to final shape.
With low profile turret for regular APC
And better view of the hull.
I need 13-14 of these things, so am going to make a master and cast it in resin.  Tires, gun barrels, and hatches will be separate pieces.  There may be other separate detail parts as well.

The weapon mount on the small turret will be behind and to the left of the hatch opening.  The larger turret has a big weapons pod on the left side, with the entire pod moving to elevate or depress the gun. 

The big turret still needs some shaping to soften the lines, but I'm not sure that I'm going to go with it.  The rounded cast shape sort of clashes with the angular shape of the hull and small turret and I'm not altogether sold on the split turret idea either.  After I get more done, I'll see how the hull and turret look together and decide then.


  1. he round turret on the angular body is very reminiscent of the WW2 T34. Nice to see your work and how you approach things.

  2. As I was roughing out the big turret, I noticed the T-34 resemblance too. It sort of caught me by surprise, because as I was building the hull, it really struck me as looking like a bit like the Austrian Saurer APCs of the 1970s.

  3. Nice work thus far, looking forward to how these turn out!

  4. Cool. Are these the ones from previous posts re-worked? I'd been wondering what would happen with those.

    1. No, this is a different vehicle from the one I posted a while back. I am actually working on that one as well, and a third vehicle at the same time. I'll post photos of the others soon.

    2. Ah, then I shall look forward to seeing those, too!