Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dawgies's Men - Part 2

Eighteen days into 2015, and I have equaled my total painting output for 2014.  "Dawgie's Men", my 28mm old GW Imperial Guard (mostly) army (not for 40K) is painted.  Well, the troops are painted.  They still need rides, but that will come later.  Right now they are table top ready, though I have one step before they are truly finished. 

In addition to the troops shown in my last blog entry, I added the company headquarters (six more figs that I had left off of my painting tray originally), and a recce section (another six figs), which are also painted.  The complete company now numbers 120 figs, though I am missing two figs from one platoon HQ, which I will have to find and add later in the year.

Anyway, here are Dawgie's men:

The entire company; CHQ in front, recce on the extreme left,
1st, 2nd, and 3rd platoon left to right with PHQs in front of
 the respective platoons.
Close up of the CHQ
2nd Platoon HQ
Troops from 1st Platoon

The majority are old GW Imperial Guard figures, with about half having some sort of conversion work done on them.  There are also a few newer GW guard figs, and an assortment of non-GW figs sprinkled throughout.

One thing I still need to do, is to add their names back onto the bases.  I've experimented with painting them on, but my brush "writing" is inconsistent, so now I'm considering doing it with a paint pen.  Hopefully, I'll have that done in the next week.  Then they can join battle in the wastes of the post apocalypse or defending colonies on new worlds.


  1. Cool. Nice work. Great tribute to a great man.

  2. Sighs, so many of these I would love for my Albion 13th regiment. Great work