Friday, May 27, 2011

15mm Old Glory Command Decision Modern Middle Eastern Regulars

I made my first miniatures orders in over a year recently, and ordered some of the Old Glory/Command Decision 15mm Modern Middle Eastern figures.  I ordered them sight unseen, as I figure good or bad that I will use them to round out my troops.  I also figured that since I have frequently seen requests on various forums for photos of the figs, that I would post a couple pics of them here.

First up is CDMOD-5 Middle Eastern Regulars with AK-47.

 I received 50 figures in 5 poses, with the standing poses ranging from 16 to 16.5mm in height.  The standing poses above are mounted on 1/2 inch square styrene plastic bases.  I left the kneeling/firing figure to the left unmounted for the photo, as I had to trim the metal base down to mount them, and wanted to show an unaltered fig in the photo.

The figs are armed with AK47s or AKMs and light on equipment, generally with a belt canteen, and some ammo pouches, and should work fine for a number of Middle Eastern armies.

I also received a pack of CDMOD-6 Middle Eastern Regulars Com & Weapons.

I received 45 figures and 5 mortars (55 pieces) with figures in five poses.  This pack includes a prone machine-gunner, a RPG gunner, an officer or non-com with pistol drawn, a kneeling mortar crewman with mortar bomb held to his chest, and a standing mortar crewman loading a bomb. The pack also includes several two-piece mortars.   The standing figs range form 15mm in height for the RPG gunner (the shortest standing figure from the two packs) to 16.5mm for the crewman, to 18mm for the officer fig. 

The officer figure does stand obviously tall, but the other figs all fit within a fairly narrow height range.  It is not my intent here to review the quality or craftsmanship invested in the sculpts, or how dynamic the poses are.  That is subjective stuff, eye of the beholder and all that.  I'm just sharing basic info.  Hopefully the photos and measurements will be of use to some viewers.  The figs are pretty much what I expected, and will fit fine in the role that I intended for them in my armies. 

Now I need to go find a paint brush and get to work.

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