Thursday, March 31, 2011

15mm Laffly W15TCC WIPs

I recently delivered a master of a 15mm french Laffly W15TCC tank destroyer to Craig at Gaming Models and thought I'd post of a couple of pics.  These were taken a little before completion.

Craig is currently going through a major mold replacement project, so it might be a little while before he gets the next batch of new items added to his page, but there are more coming, in the short term, particularly for the Japanese forces.

I've been out of town for several days, but prior to that had been quite busy working on my ERC90, which is coming along nicely, and on a M-ATV for my modern 15mm forces.  Once these guys are out of the way, I'll get back to my post-apoc terrain, and probably start assembling some of the 1/100 aircraft kits for use in my modern African campaign, which has sat dormant for almost a year.


  1. any chance you'll be delivering a master of the Standard Laffy SL20 truck to Craig? That's a model I've really been waiting to see.

    Keep up the good work with Craig. Your models are great.

  2. I've got the S20TL coming up soon on the list, but I'm not familiar with the SL20. Is there another designation for it?

  3. Your designation is probably the correct one - I was working off the top of my head. The basic transport truck for the French motorized infantry units.

    Great to hear that it is under development. I'll definitely be buying some off of Craig when they are done.

    Another model you might consider doing is the French m1935 105mm Howitzer that was used in the mechanized divisions. It's a rather unique piece and to date, is not produced by any of the other 15mm manufactuers. I know you haven't done a lot of guns for Craig's collection, but from pics of the gun mounted on the W15TCC I'm sure you could do a fine job of it.