Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh Coat of Paint on the Old Apocalypse

Over the last couple of weeks, I finally managed to get a base coat of paint on the roadway portions of my post-apocalypse terrain.  obviously, it still needs a lot of work to get that wasteland feel. Eventually there will be more debris, areas where dirt has collected and built up, and I still need to decide how I want to handle manhole covers, storm drains, grates, etc.

Having the paint on it helps me visualize things a little better, and will hopefully speed up the detailing process.

I'm still debating whether to glue down the Jersey barriers or base the sections on styrene,so that they can be moved around.  I want to maintain as much flexibility as possible, but I'm not sure how much use there would be for that.  Loose barrier sections will be tedious to handle, so I'm leaning toward gluing them in place.

The last couple photos show some 28mm Copplestone  figs and a 1/43 scale Toyota RAV4 that I picked up a few years back.

The road texture is a little coarse, but will lend itself well to dry brushing during the weathering phase of painting.

I've started drawing up scale sketches of the first generation of buildings, and am in the process of making textured plates for pressing patterns into foam sheet.  Various masonry patterns can be pressing into the foam using patterns made from styrene sheets and strips and a rolling pin.  Making the patterns is tedious, but makes for fast building construction.  Wood frame structures will be made from a combination of basswood and styrene patterned sheets and strips.

Anyway, it has been a little while since my last update, so I thought I'd post pics of the current progress.  I hope to have pics of the finished roadways up in about a week.


  1. Very nice. Now let's see some color.
    Oh, and I'm coming over to game when it's finished.

  2. Better warm up your dice, cause I'm smearing color everywhere. Might be ready for flock tomorrow night.

  3. This is shaping up real nice IrishSerb, excellent work looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Wow... it's.. well, in my language I will say 'Es la caña!!!' but in English... WVery Wonderful! I'm amazed!Excellent work!