Saturday, September 18, 2010

15mm (1/100) M2A2 Bradley Master

I thought I'd post some photos of my reworked 15mm M2A2 Bradley master. Though my Vietnam terrain has been screaming at me for a month to get it done, I have been focussing what little free time I have on my Bradley master.

I started this thing almost two years ago, and have gone through three stages of altering, updating, and redesigning. It has been waiting for quite some time for me to finish some track and hull detail after changing the skirt and track assembly for ease of casting. I still need to add some of the fasteners for the applique armor, but I expect to finish that tonight.

Above is a size comparison shot with one of my 15mm Humvees.

And a size comparison shot with my Humvee and 15mm infantry figs as follows; Peter Pig FFL, Old Glory Modern US, OG Afghan, and I believe a QRF Soviet (could be a JR Soviet though).

And what is it about work benches? I cleaned this up a couple of weeks back, work on a project for an hour, and am left with an area about the size of my hand to work on the project.


  1. Fantastic! I can't wait for these to be available. Great job.


  2. blows away the competition, great as usual mate

  3. That Bradley looks fantastic I wish I had the time/skill/patience to tackle a task like making my own minis. I've just discovered your blog and I like the look of your vietnam stuff, I'll link to you when I get the chance

  4. very good job man.
    After the hummers I've received I just want to have some of your M2s


  5. Hello,

    this very interesting to see a model in the making. I build a few prototypes too but gave up on something that may be actually easy to overcome. How did you do the wheels and the treads?

  6. Wheels and treads are actually pretty straight forward. I cut out a backing plate with a profile of the wheel and track assembly, in this case but the wheels out of styrene tubes and rod (5 pieces each for the roadwheels, 4 for the idlers and drives), "glue" them in place with solvent, sand the backing plate smooth with the outer edges of the idler and drive, wrap one or two thin strips around the wheels glueing as I go along for the body of the tracks, then add cleats with small styrene strip.