Monday, February 11, 2019

Slow Progress on 6mm Infantry and Buildings

Free time has been scarce lately, as changes in the day job have coincided with additional duty on the home-front.  I've been squeezing in every minute that I can, trying to make progress on my various 6mm buildings; casting, packaging, creating instruction sheets, photographing, etc.  

My own projects have suffered, though I do occasionally spend a little time attending to one thing or another.  My 6mm Mugabian infantry are finally flocked and in their storage box.  Initially I painted the bases the wrong color, had to re-do them, and then ended up with too much green in the flock.  Oh well, at least they are functional.  

Mugabian infantry (H&R modern Russians)

I also managed to figure out what I needed to round out their Uwandan counterparts, having settled on the Scotia South African figures to represent them.  With any luck, I'll have those ready for the battlefield in about a month (or at least by June).

Last weekend, I managed to build-up kits of the 6mm African homes with courtyards.  There are four different kits, but buildings can be mixed and matched as desired to make a variety of configurations.  Each kit will come with three of four different buildings, a gate,  and styrene parts to make awnings, awning posts, and walls.  Each will come with a small instruction sheet, with a scale template/plan view of the building/courtyard arrangement, and brief instructions or notes.  

Example of one of the kits

Unfortunately, the parts are quite small (i.e., fiddly), will require some accurate cutting (awning posts), so some amount of modeling skill will be required to complete them.  I tried to find ways around this, but just can't make them as detailed as I want, and keep them simple and affordable. 

Here are the built-up kits with a couple GHQ models, a Centurion and a Saracen for scale.

I will mount mine of base's made of styrene sheet, which is not included in the kits, but they were designed to be free standing and do not require bases.

Another thing that I've manage to do, is update my old 6mm Middle Eastern building models, making them solid models with doors and a few other details added.  these are all based on buildings from the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli conflicts.  There are ten different buildings, with  six of them available as battle damaged structures in addition to undamaged versions.  Here are a few of those:

The models were intentionally kept simple, so that I could add small details, such as awnings, or bits of exterior relief, to create some variety with a small number of models.

Maybe some day, I'll paint one of them.


  1. Very nice work....I say this as one that has tons of 6mm infantry sitting in a box till I work up the nerve!

    1. Thank you, and believe me, I know exactly how you feel.

  2. In my dotage I'm struggling with 6mm as it requires me to wear glasses, and I'm constantly pushing them up on my head and then back down again.

    Getting older sucks.

    1. Me too! Working on the models is crazy. Glasses on to look at a photo or drawing, glasses off to measure or cut. Glasses on to look, glasses off to glue the part. Repeat, etc. Drives me whacko,

  3. Great stuff! What sized bases are you using for your infantry? I use 20mm x 20mm. Your buildings are really great. I really like the African homes with the courtyards.

  4. Basic squads are on 1/2 inch square, smaller elements on 3/8 inch square bases. Thanks, glad you like the buildings.

  5. Fantastic work mate. I've been hanging out for the African buildings to see release! :D
    The infantry look fantastic too. The basing really helps them pop.