Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Back in late 2015, I thought that I was just about ready to start my post-apoc campaign, but some minor disaster interrupted that, with the result being that it took about two more years, before I got things going.

Anyway, around that time I started writing up intoductions to my various post-apoc factions, and posted the first one on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum, an introduction to the "Greenies"  my repurposed orks as post-apoc mutants.  Now it is old news, and a bit out of order now, but should be in here somewhere on the blog, so read on about the Greenies, if you haven't done so elsewhere...

My first GW ork purchased around 1989, I think.
He never saw the table as an ork, but now serves as a 
"Greenie" in my post-apoc games.

The "Greenies"

Greenies, as they have come to be known, are a race of bipedal humanoid mutants, the result of a bio-weapon research project that was nuked during the apocalyptic event.

They were to be engineered hybrid organisms, a combination of animal and plant DNA that would produce among other things, an engineered self-sustaining, fighting machine. Elements of the design were to be rapid growth to fighting maturity, large scale organ and tissue re-generation, and self-synthesis of food stuffs for sustenance through exposure to light. The program also hoped to facilitate “osmotic” water absorption, to further minimize logistical support and survivability.

The program R&D was conducted in a hardened lab in the south western United States, which was the recipient of a large yield intercontinental surprise on that dark day. The result was that the test specimens rapidly mutated into a plague that has spread across the land, limited mostly by the need to closely follow waterways. They manifest as intelligent, resourceful killing machines with the single purpose of exterminating humans.

Though information is limited, it is known that Greenies have a two stage life-cycle, starting from seed as a rooted plant,  which develops a seed pod. The pod produces one or more seeds and a juvenile greenie that reaches maturity in a matter of weeks. Greenies are raised in “gardens” in greenie “villages”.

The villages are always located along rivers, streams or lakes, and manifest as a sort of base consisting of one or more gardens, and facilities for making weapons and training greenies in the use of the weapons. They are capable of complex engineering and production of weapons and war materials, have good tactical sense, seem to be able to communicate verbally as well as some sort of telepathic or other means undetectable to humans, and have been known to sing and laugh during attacks. 
Not much is known about their social structure or culture if such a thing even exists. It is not known if they have "families", how or if they are parented, nor how they are educated.
In battle, they have some sort of structure, as lesser warriors follow the direction of "leaders" or "alphas", which tend to be larger and presumably older specimens.  It is not known if groups operate independently, or if they are organized at a higher level.
Thus far, they have shown themselves to be fanatical and merciless in battle, leaving no survivors in human settlements that they overrun.  For now, policy is simply to kill Greenies, whenever they are contacted.  Otherwise, they will kill you.

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