Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SFB: The General War - The Strategic Situation Turn 6 (Mid-Turn)

Fleet movement during Strategic Turn 6 has created some very interesting situations, both in the form of escalating the scope of the war, and in the types of battles that are presented.  After movement of  Turn 6, here is the Situation:

The Kzinti

Kzinti fleets traveling down the 06XX and 08XX hex lines have converged on hex 0707, where they will do battle with the combined Lyran and Klingon fleets.  This collection of fleets will yield a battle of roughly 57 Kzinti ships against 59 enemy vessels.

During this turn, Lyran forces along the Kzinti border have formed a picket spanning hex 0601 in the neutral zone to hex 0804, and have cut off supply lines to the invading Kzinti forces.  Given our strategic rules, Kzinti forces are cut off, and can operate three turns before they are considered "unsupplied" and are dead in the water, unable to move or fight.  Kzinti forces will need to break the blockade before the end of turn 8 to break the blockade.

Elsewhere, the Hydrans have advanced a combined fleet of approximately 45 ships into hex 0712.  The few Lyran ships in the area are very annoyed.

The Klingons

The Klingons have crossed into Kzinti space at five points along the Kzinti border, attacking the planet in hex 1105 and the Kzinti Battle Station in hex 1405. Very little Kzinti ship activity has been detected at any of these locations, with the planet and base being protected only by assigned fighters and police corvettes.

Additionally, the Klingons have entered the Hydran neutral zone in three locations, hexes 1215, 1316, and 1317, with numbering around 9 ships each.

The Federation

The Federation has moved two fleets numbering 50-60 ships each into hexes 1910 and 1911 of the Klingon neutral zone.  (It seems that my opposite likes to do everything "Texas" style).  The Klingons have protested with a message saying, "Heeeeeyyyyyyy!"

Gorns, Romulans, & Orions

The Romulans and Gorns are watching their screens, eating popcorn, while the Orions are trying to select their favorite shade of green.


  1. Interesting about the ship supply! I guess that I usually think of Trek through a federation lens, where every ship can travel for a decade without resupply.

    In these rules can alliances be flipped? I.e. could the Federation induce the Romulans to come in against the Klingons?

    1. We justify the supply thing with the idea that the ships are operating at heightened levels, and at maximum speed, more or less continuously, thus rapidly consuming fuel and whatnot. Maybe a reach, but creates interesting possibilities in the game.

      Currently, there is no provision for an empire changing sides, but I've already envisioned two situation where conflict could break out between the Lyrans and Klingons, with neither actually changing sides. We might have to involve another player, or make some other provision.

      I'm also sort of role playing each empire as a separate "character", rather than running them as a completely uniform force. For example, the Klingons will help the Lyrans, as long as it is to their advantage to do so, but will not put themselves at risk to "save" the Lyrans, if it came to that.

      None of that is really in the rules though, just makes it more interesting to me, and I don't know how Craig is approaching the other side.

    2. Interesting, well I look forward to watching it develop!

      You could probably use a NPC reaction chart for some of your empire interactions.

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