Saturday, January 20, 2018

2017 in Review, Looking to 2018

I know I'm a touch late, but as many of us apparently do, I like to look back over the past year to see what I've accomplished, and to look ahead and dream about the projects that have yet come to pass.

Accomplishments of 2017

My goals for 2017 included completing work or making progress on five core interests:

28mm Post Apocalypse:
Some significant accomplishment here, starting with the launch of my campaign.  Despite the lack of games through most of the year, I finally settled on my back story, worked out the details and most of the figs for a dozen factions, and developed a variety of storylines that will lead to games yet to come.  So, post-apoc accomplishments:
     1. Completed the setting and roughed out the rules (vehicles may need some work though)
     2. Built 28mm Recce Cars for the Confederation - Important for connecting the factions.
     3. Built the Mesa - Important to one of the storylines.
     4. Built the Gas Station - Somewhere for post-apocalyptians to hang out
     5. Built the Highway- Connects some of the factions.
Overall, not too bad regarding progress, and at least I'm playing games.

15mm African Imagi-Nations:
Not so much progress here.  I moved the war ahead nearly one full day, completing 2 land battles, and a couple of air battles.  Unfortunately, though I am still quite excited about playing out the battles, I had too many detail items to build for the battles, and just couldn't work up the mojo for all of the work.  A couple of those things are happening right now, so 2018 will likely see a bit more progress.

Near Future Game:
2017 saw me complete the resurfacing of the roadway terrain for the game, which is at the heart of the layout of the games.  I also got some planning steps out of the way for some factions, but  little physical progress took place, as I focused on the post apocalypse.

Cold War in 6mm and 15mm:
Mostly, in 2017 I realized that I have too broad of an interest here, and after a ton of reading and watching this year, recognized that I can't pursue the Cold War in 5 different timeframes, and in two scales. About the only progress that I made, was some work on my 15mm M60A1 turret master, and acquired some miniatures, 15mm East German infantry, British armor and infantry, and some aircraft, all for the 1977 to 1982 time frame.

Star Fleet Battles:
This was an area of some success.  I completed ships and/or fighters for Kzinti, Federation, and Klingons, and we started playing the General War again.  We are about 5 turns into the war, 4 battles completed (I think), with two more planned. 

My quest to  get the game on the table in miniature faltered, when my miniatures money got eaten by some car problems in the later part of the year.  Hopefully, the Lyran fleet will get some reinforcements soon, and we can finally get miniatures on the table, instead of counters.  All things considered, a lot of progress was made, and we got some games on the table top.

Other Accomplishments in 2017:
15mm Humvees:  I finally got my 15mm Humvees on the table for the first time, playing three games set in Afghanistan earlier in the year.  I think I first cast my miniatures in 2009, so only took 8 years to get them on the table.  I'm getting faster.

20mm Vietnam:  I got some terrain, and a handful of miniatures done for 20mm Vietnam, though the game for which I was doing this work had to be cancelled due to the one of the car problems mentioned above.  With any luck, that game will happen in the near future.

Games Played: I played at least 18 games this year, the most in at least 7 years, and with any luck, the trend will continue.

Figs:  I only painted 191 figs and terrain pieces for the year, while buying/acquiring 278, so lost ground to the lead heap.  I've been keeping a detailed painting log for the last 13 years, and in that time have painted 7708 figs, while purchasing/acquiring 7074.

Plans for 2018

I simply want to push ahead with the 5 core periods from last year.

28mm Post Apocalypse: Hoping for lots of gaming in 2018, with development of the story around 4 core (and many lesser) factions in the wastes.

15mm African Imagi-Nations:  Make the stuff needed to fight out the war; a hospital, an airport, the president's palace, some trucks, and a few other things.  And hopefully get through a couple months of game time.

Near Future Game:  Mostly hoping to paint the remaining core factions (KGB, Boy Scouts, Martians, etc), finish the flying saucer, the farm, and a few other buildings , and be ready to start gaming by the end of the year.

Cold War, 6mm and 15mm:  Finish the 15mm M60 and complete a company, paint my Brits, and East Germans and get some circa 1982 games played.  In 6mm I need to settle on which earlier period, either 1957ish or 1967ish, and fill in the gaps for which ever wins out.

Star Fleet Battles:  Continue the war hopefully through 2-3 years of game time, and round out Kzinti, Lyran, and Klingon, miniatures fleets.

Closing Thoughts

2017 turned out to be a great hobby year for me.  It ended in a tidal wave of building and gaming, which I am still riding with my cliff project.  I got my mojo back, and simply can't wait for each free moment to see what I can accomplish next.  So, I'm going to wrap this up, get back downstairs, and enjoy 2018.

Hope your 2017 was awesome, and that your 2018 is even awesomer!!

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