Monday, August 14, 2017

AAR26: Surprise in the North

Though word had reached Colonel Aladwa about the Uwandan attack to the south, he had been guaranteed that Uwanda was just posturing here in the north.  But his intuition had been right, and when the Uwanda's Centurions started to cross the river, he was not surprised. His force was not well equipped to deal with such heavy weapons, and he had wisely dispersed his infantry throughout the town to try to defend it like a fort. Delaying Uwanda's victory was the best that he hoped for.

Uwanda's northern and primary advance started at Objective B5 a small town just across the river from objective A37. 

A Uwandan view of the battlefield looking east...

...and the Mugabian view looking west.

Uwanda's attacking force consisted of:

Combined Arms Team 7:
2x Saracen HQ
8x Centurion III (two pltn of 4 tanks)
13x Saracen (Mech Inf Coy)
2x Wombat/Landrover (AT section)
4x M7 Priest and AOP
3x Saldin (Recce Pltn)

Close Air Support:
2x G91 w/ 500lb bombs
4x Strikemasters with Rocket pods

Mugabian Forces at B5 included:

2x GAZ Jeep (HQ)
11x BTR152 (Infantry Coy)
2x ZU23/Truck
2x85mm Gun/Truck
3x 122 mort.
3x Infantry in truck (Inf Pltn reinforcing from Objective B6 garrison)

The bridge crossing the river at objective B5.

The Uwandan commander decided to advance his armor around the town to the north, closing off any escape, while pounding on the enemy with his arty and air support.  Once the Armor was in position, his infantry would advance, pushing the Mugabians into the armored net.

One of the Uwanda's Saladins, leading the way into Mugabia.

The advance started clumsily enough with the Saldins of the recce platoon taking an early loss to an RPG just after crossing the river.  The Saladins did their job, identifying the Mugabian infantry along the north of the town, and stumbling into the second line of defense (and RPGs) well east of the town.  The Saladins died heroes of Uwanda, and all would be decorated posthumously.

First blood at objective B5, a Uwandan Saladin hit by an RPG.

As soon as the Mugabian infantry had been detected, the command post on top of the Olympic Hotel, located in Objective A37 on the Uwanda side of the river, ordered artillery to start dropping on the Mugabian infantry.  Between the wrath of the angry Priests, and the advancing Centurions, the infantry were quickly reduced and in retreat.

Centurions advance to the north of objective B5.

From the start of the Uwandan advance, Mugabian infantry had been taking shots at the Uwandan command post personnel on the rooftop of the hotel, but only succeeded in wounding one man.  Eventually mortar file began to drop on the CP and after a few rounds, found the mark killing most of the battlefield HQ and the AOP.  This resulted in the temporary loss of Uwanda's artillery support.

A surviving major did his best, collecting his nuggets, and then ordering his loitering air support into action.  Unfortunately the first G91 was hit by a ZU23 and killed before it could release any bombs, while Strikemasters searched for the Mugabian mortars and other forces east of the objective B5, also losing one of their number in the process.

The Centurions continued their eastward advance, destroying everything in sight, and brushing off harassing mortar fire. The leading (and tracked by an RPG) Centurion singlehandedly took on and forced the retreat of the Mugabian second line east of the town, while a Magister finally quieted the mortar files with rockets.

Centurions continue their advance around the north side of the town.

At the appointed time, the Uwandan infantry began their advance to the south of the town, and by this time, the Priests had rejoined the fight, pounding the center of the town.  Depsite the best efforts of Colonel Aladwa, he could not maintain the control of his overwhelmed forces, and they began to flee in a disorganized manner.

Uwandan infantry mounted in Saracens preparing to cross the
river to the south of the town.

When he felt that nothing more could be achieved, the Colonel ordered a withdrawal, that was largely unheard by his already panicking forces.

A view from the Uwandan side of the river.

The Centurions looped around the town cutting off much of the retreat, destroying or capturing most of the Mugabian forces.

Uwanda's armor closing the deal.

As the Colonel and part of his staff fled from objective B5, he considered what had been gained by the destruction of his force, and whether he might have been better off meeting the victors.

The battle consisted of a terrible mismatch, and though the battle was mostly decided prior to the start, there were some interesting events that took place.  The downing of two aircraft by ZU23s was  surprise, as was losing the Uwandan HQ, which slowed progress for a few turns.  In the end, there was little that the Mugabian forces could do though.

Mugabian losses were steep:
95 troops lost (64KIA, 31 captured)
2x 85mm Guns
2x ZU23/2
6x Trucks
2x GAZ69
7x BTR 152

Uwandan losses:
1x Universal Carrier
1x Saracen
3x Saladin
5x KIA
1x Centurion tracked

Captured by Uwanda:
31 POW (15WIA)
2x BTR152
2x truck
1x GAZ 69


  1. Wow, heck of a fight, Brian, truly epic! Looked beautiful and lots of fun, though Uwanda certainly had their way with the Mugabians. Thanks for posting man, I always enjoy these batreps.


    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, the dice have really worked this thing into Uwanda's favor, though the next few land battles will be a little more balanced.

  2. I hope the owners of the Olympic Hotel get reimbursed by the Uwandan government for the damages incurred by the mortar strikes!

    1. The hotel manager has already discontinued the servicemen's discount.

  3. Great looking game..Saracens against Centurions..grat it..

  4. Ouch! Well done for holding on at all against those Centurions.

    I do love your terrain..very effective!

  5. Just saw this. This was awesome Brian ! Great fight , beautiful table.