Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Arivals (More Figs for the Unpainted Heap)

Haven't done much gaming-wise this month due to work and making 15mm masters, so thought I'd share some new arrivals, now waiting patiently on my painting table.

Zombiesmith Grey Aliens
First off, I received my Greys from Zombiesmith a few weeks ago... and they are awesome.  Wonderfully detailed little guys, about 22mm tall (plus of minus), with unique faces and expressions full of character.  They will be a very welcome addition (well, maybe not by humans and cattle) to a contemporary/near-future adventure that I'm working on.  And I have an idea for their transport, but that will be the subject of future posts. Here are some pics of the figs:

I measured the guy on bottom 4th from the left, but the pic was fuzzy;
he measured .87" in height, about 7/8 inch or 22mm.

Zombiesmith was great to deal with, good coms and order status updates.  Highly recommended.

SOE Kill Team, Statuesque Miniatures
Next up are some items from Statuesque miniatures. I ordered a sprue of female heads for some sci-fi and post apoc conversions.  This is my first order with Statuesque, and I was impressed.  They have three sizes/scales that you can order in (you need to check out scales on their site), that seem to be scaled to range from roughly 25mm to 32mm figs (my interpretation).  I ordered mine in the "pulp" scale, and am quite happy with the size for use with my generally 28mm figs.

Above is pack SMA301 in "Pulp" scale next to a 28mm Bobby Jackson
 (Thugz) figure (left), and a Hasslefree fig (right) for scale reference.

Next is the S.O.E. kill Team, three outstanding figures that will be modified slightly for my post apoc games.  The figs are finely detailed, flawlessly cast, and  truly outstanding.  Another company that features great coms and order status updates.  Here is the Kill Team as received:

The last pic is show a 28mm Hasslefree fig and Bobby Jackson
fig for scale reference with the Statuesque fig in the center. 
The S.O.E. Kill Teams figs are also in the  Statuesques' "Pulp" scale.

Another thing that I like about the Statuesque figs, is that the weapons are reasonably scaled and also very finely detailed. Each figure arrives in its own bag, and you pick your preferred base size when ordering.

QRF Air Support
And lastly, I finally got around to ordering some air support form QRF.  I picked up two SU17s, two Sepecat Jaguars, and two Su25s.  QRF sent order status updates, with the order coming very quickly, taking about two weeks to get across the pond. Here is the SU17:


The fuselage in resin has good detail, but the resin is a little rough in spots.  This will clean up very easily with a little automotive glazing putty and a Squadron sanding stick.  There are a number of micro-bubbles in the resin, but again, they clean up very easily with the glazing putty.  The exhaust nozzle on both castings had a bigger bubble on the right side which got chipped a little more in shipping on one of the castings (see last photo).  This is still a relatively simple fix with a little bit of styrene and a touch of putty.  The wings and detail parts are white metal and very nicely detailed and cast.

The Jaguar is a lovely model and will require very little cleaning up.  Again with a resin fuselage and metal wings and details.  I haven't decided if I will finish them for my UK or French forces yet.


Again, this is a really nice model, with all of the castings of superior quality.  I look forward to ordering a couple more of these, to complete forces for whichever of my air forces doesn't get them first.

Lastly is the Su25, another very nice model, is mostly resin, including one piece fuselage and wings, with smaller detail parts in metal.  The resin casting is much cleaner than the SU17, but not quite as perfect as the Jaguar.  It will require a little cleanup, mostly along the trailing edge of the wings, but not much.  Again, as for the models above, the metal parts are quite nice, and I particularly like how the expendable munitions are cast directly on the hard-points.  It saves a glue joint and a weak spot when handling the model.


Given the current exchange rate, these aircraft from QRF are a bit of a bargain, so if you're going to get the them, and in the US like me, now is the time.

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