Thursday, September 8, 2016

Got a Few Tanks Off Of My Painting Table

Last week, I managed to finally finish (kind of) painting a few 15mm tanks for Africa, a platoon of Vickers Mk3 from QRF and one of my Mugabian T34 conversions with the ZU23/2 mounted in place of the turret.  I love the Vickers Mk3s, they are just such nice sculpts.


The Vickers Mk3 is the newest tank in Uwanda's (African imagi-nation) inventory, with only a very small number serving in a few units.  It will eventually replace the aging Fireflys and Centurion IIIs.

And here is my T34/23 conversion (totally fictional by the way ,for my African imagi-nation, Mugabia)

And the unit pictured together with ammo supply vehicle.

There are just a few of these in the Mugabian inventory to try to provide mobile rapid air defense for the President's armored forces.


  1. I like your SPAA conversions! Is that a ZU-23-2?

    1. Yes, the AA guns were scratch-built from styrene and brass rod, using QRF ZU23/2 models as a guide. Mine are a bit less detail, and a lot more clumsy. The QRF originals are quite nice models.

  2. The Vickers Mk3 is a very clean looking model, and SPAA conversions is believable
    and that's what counts!

  3. The Vickers were very cleanly cast and assembled quite easily, my paint doesn't do them justice.

    I remember seeing a North Vietnamese (I think) T34 with a 57mm AA gun on display at Aberdeen some years ago, so figured this wasn't too much of a stretch for a conversion. The ammo carrier, well, a bit bigger stretch maybe.

  4. Excellent, Irish, and I'm Abigail fan of those ZU-23 conversions too.