Sunday, July 31, 2016

Preperations for War...Almost

It wasn't supposed to be this challenging, just the next battle in my modern imagi-nation campaign.   A 15mm rescue mission that requires a hospital be built, and the next confrontation along the edge of disputed territory needing a few more tanks, I thought. Not too bad.

Some dice were rolled, and the "fate tables" dictated the path, that of total war.  Total what??  This started out as a skirmish campaign.  Oh well.  Plans were made, some more die rolls, and everything solidified.  I  need to build some more buildings, like 20 of them,  a few businesses and a bunch of houses; some fortifications, bunkers, and lots of barbed wire; still needed the hospital, but that wouldn't be the first battle, as I had expected.  Nothing is as I expected.

The ground war now starts with an air war, but I didn't plan for an air war.  So I had to order some airplanes, decided to go 6mm and found most of what I needed.  But now I have to scratch out a couple of masters, and cast a few planes, G91Rs and Strikemasters anyone?  And my air combat rules really didn't do the game justice, so I looked for a more detailed set, only to find that no such set was currently available, so now I'm creating a set of air combat rules to interface into my imagi-nation campaign.  Did you know that GHs23 spews out like 36 pounds of bullets per second?? Holy crap!!

The current state of my air combat rules,
30 pages of notes and a partial airplane stand.
On the ground, the required forces quickly became larger than I had ever intended or expected.  So I need to add more tanks, some tank destroyers, more air defense, and at least another company of Mugabian infantry, and a few more 1/100 airplanes for ground support. Battles are getting big, probably should do some in 6mm, which would require new terrain, buildings, emplacements, infantry...  6mm?? Dude, don't even go there!

And I need trucks, a bunch of trucks, like 30 trucks, should probably master those and cast them, but I have no time.  Work got stupid busy, and instead of running sprints at my painting table, I'm taking baby steps.  I have packages that came in three weeks ago, that I haven't even looked at, and somewhere in the midst of my African imagi-nation craziness should be a batch of 28mm grey aliens...  Do what?

My painting table, after cleaning it off.  Vickers MkIII  front left with a couple of T34s, some 1/300 Vautours and buccaneers in front of that, Mugabian infantry based on the tray to right, packages behind, clutter everywhere.

Time to take a deep breath and try to get a grip.  Along comes the weekend, I think I'm gonna make some progress, take a day to make molds and cast a little, then take a day to build, paint, maybe even test some rules.  Then a tire breaks off one car, that car hates me, and the starter dies on the other, those cars have always hated me.  They broke on purpose!   It just never ends.  Maybe next weekend?


  1. Don't fret, you will get things up and running. I've been preparing for my first battle of of my fictional war for I don't know many years now....any day now....

    I still think AirWar C:21 is the way to go for aircraft rules. If your are looking for G91Rs, someone makes them on Shapeways.

    1. Thanks, and good luck on your project.

      C:21 is a possible fallback, but I'm looking for more of the detail that was in Mustangs & Messershmitts. I really enjoyed the 3D maneuvering, the detail in the dogfights. With the performance envelope of jets so much greater, I don't know that I will make the right choices on compromises and details to include in the rules. Don't know if the resulting game will be manageable with jets either. Enough of the rules came together quick enough, that I figure I might as well give it a test run on the table. Just wish life would give me a little more free time right now.

  2. You need more buildings? I am amazed! You always seem to have a ton of terrain!