Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Misc. Projects and Whatnot

Been working a lot (day job, not the hobby) since the last post, and between lack of time, energy, and plain old sore and stiff hands, I haven't made any progress on my APC, but have been doing what I can otherwise. 

Ponape; 28mm Colonial/Victorian Adventure Games

After re-discovering so much stuff for my colonial adventures that never got used, I've begun to start the process of rounding out the history and fluff for the many scenarios that never got ran.  This has mostly been a lunch time reading and research project thus far, but will eventually lead to miniatures and modeling.

I did have to throw out most of the uncompleted buildings, as they were basswood construction and got water damaged in the flood, but otherwise everything else seems to be intact.  The docking station for the airship, and winged version of the airship, bits for a narrow gauge railway and gold mine, all good.  Also found bits of the incomplete ships, and the hulk of my French ship, which was in the trunk of my car, when it got rear-ended and totaled (both ship and car).

Above, the start of a hull for Bully Hayes ship, the Leonora, my destroyed
French destroyer and a German gunboat.

In time, I intend to resurrect Ponape  as a convention game.   I have faded away from the convention scene in recent years, but have to admit, that after going to Origins this year, I feel a little of the old spark again.

The Space Bubble/Job Pod/Almost Spaceship

This was moving along nicely last year, until interrupted by my flood.  I haven't actually done anything with it recently, but it sets on a stool next to my paint table, ready to be worked on as soon as I clear enough space to work on it.

In addition to the bubble above, there are a couple of trays of bits in various stages of paint, waiting to be placed in the modules.  It will be a centerpiece for near future and maybe even post-apoc games at some point.

28mm Post-Apoc and Near Future Figs.

As I was sorting through stuff, I came to realize that I had a serious load of both painted and unpainted figs for near future and post apocalypse game.  This kind of got my juices going again, after more than a two year lapse.

As I discovered more an more figs, I started sorting them out into the various factions.

There are over 400 painted figs, about 400 unpainted, plus another 150 or so painted orks that I plan to use as mutants in the PA.  Portions of roughly 22 factions are represented above, some are pictured below:

Kryomek robots with scratch-built weapons, security for the industrial complex.
A colorful heard of mutants, hungering on their tray.
A few bikers, Foundry figs, I think.
Miscellaneous mercenaries, some work together, others have additional help.
Some Copplestone (mostly, anyway)  scavengers.
Could be corporate or Federal troops, wouldn't trust them either way.
Billy-Jo, Bubba and Mack, god old boys (and girl) to the end and after.
Two old Imperial Guard figs that make up part of the territorial defenses. 
 I've actually got an entire company of these figs, around 140 in all.
Alpha Forge Asteroid Miners, pilots of the space bubble,
and a threat to the near future, and beyond.

I'm currently working out what I need to complete each faction, and purposing some of the many figs that don't currently have a home yet. 

Texas Israeli War

A second post-apoc project that I've been tinkering with will bring a little of the Texas Israeli War to the table top.  I've got six factions and armies in mind at the moment, but only a handful  of unpainted figs for now.

So that is what I've been tinkering with in recent weeks in place of doing any real gaming.


  1. To say you posted a little while ago about cutting back the collection, thats still quite a divers selection of cool stuff!

    I particularly like your Ponape scenario - it has a great period-pulp feel to it, as well as a Call of Cthulhu-esque vibe. Though the latter might be down to my once having run a Call of Cthulhu game that featured the ruined city Nan Madol rather heavily.

  2. Any plans for Ponape to appear at ATC or CincyCon? Unless you can get the main entrance area at ATC, I would stay away from their main gaming hall...too dark and noisy. But CincyCon might be a good place. I still have those Germans for your game!

  3. I guess that is more or less what I'm shooting for. Don't really have a plan for the exact when or where yet, though.