Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Little Rambling About Irishserb's Miniatures

I've partially got my stuff together again, so I have resumed selling my 15mm Miniatures.  Unfortunately, both of my AAV7 molds tore, so I do not currently have that model available, and probably won't until around the end of May.

I am having problems getting a useful turret mold for the M60A2, and may have to modify the turret before I am able to list it.

Sometime last year, the mold material that I used for many years was chemically changed, resulting in much shorter mold life for new molds.  I have been experimenting with replacement materials, but have not found anything that performs like the old stuff.  This process will continue, but at some point, there will likely be some sort of price increase, though I'm not there yet.  In the mean time, it means that I spend almost twice as much time making molds as I use to spend, and am a little slower at getting castings made and shipped out. 

As a result of my Christmas time luck, I lost my "build table" and the section of my basement that it occupied.  This means that I don't currently have a space dedicated to working on new models and as a result, no timeline for any new items.

While most of this sounds bad, in the last three weeks, I have done a lot to un-bury myself, have got most of the casting side of things going again, actually ran a game (my first in about a year), and am looking forward to adding new models to my collection and thus my website.  For the first time in quite awhile, I am very upbeat about miniatures.

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