Sunday, December 15, 2013

Simple Technicals (15mm Moderns)

A while back I bought the Old Glory African Pick Up Crew with HMG pack, but hesitated to mount the MG and gunner in my pick-ups, as I also needed them as transports for my games.  So I ended up mounting them on styrene plastic bases, cut to fit in the beds of the pick-ups.  I had minor concern that they would tend to fall out of the trucks during movement, but they turned out to be pretty stable.

The bases were cut to allow the gun to face forwards or to the rear, and allow the machine guns to be used independent of the trucks in static positions such as bunkers and whatnot. 

Eventually I will buy a few more pick-ups and light vehicles and make a some more dedicated technicals, but in the mean time, these give me a little greater flexibility when using the pick-ups.


  1. I think the pickups are from Peter Pigs AK47 range

  2. Yes, the trucks are from Peter Pig. Only the crew are from Old Glory. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Any chance you can answer my M60A2 MERDEC colour question please, I need to paint some stuff.
    Jon :)

    1. Jon, Here ya go,

      Model Master Dark Green No. 1710 FS34879
      Model Master Interior Green No. 1715 FS34151
      Vallejo Dark Sand No. 847
      Vallejo Black 70950

      Note that the Dark sand is actually the wrong color on purpose. Spec calls for Model Master Sand No. 1704, FS30277.

      More info here: