Monday, October 14, 2013

M60A2 Master in 15mm

Here are the latest pics of my 15mm M60A2 master, more or less done.  The bottom shot is with my M113A1 for size reference.


I'm pretty happy with the Starship, and it has felt good to be working on something again. 

I'm continuing to work on old projects, and eventually my "space bubble" will get painted, but I want to get a couple more vehicles done first.   The M60A1 turret is moving along and will be done soon, and the Panhard 3 VTT personnel carrier is shaping up nicely as well.  I'll post pics of the new stuff as soon as I can.

As always, thanks for looking.


  1. That is a very nice tank! A hearty "Well done!"

  2. As always gorgeous model making.

  3. looking forward to the new vehicles. great work.

  4. Holy mole and other mammals! Damn youre good :D

    Im definetly waiting for these (or actually, both M60 series) to be done and moulded - and that M3 definetly sounds nice! I thought you had completely forgotten it.. Kinda ashamed that nobody has done it before, even though we are having at least two companies doing AML 90s.

    Back to that M60A2, I dont even want to think what amounts of work those tracks have required :F

  5. I want this delightful miniature