Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mugabia's T34/23-2- A 15mm Conversion for an African Imagi-nation

Sometime back I  posted a WIP photo or two of a completely fictional conversion I was doing of a couple of  T34/85s, making them into self propelled anti-aircraft guns. These are for the army of my African Imagi-nation, Mugabia.

Finally, here are a few pics of  one of the AA conversions and their ammo carrier.

The conversion consists of a slightly modified T34/85 hull, and a scratch-built  ZU-23/2 23mm towed mount adapted to a traversing mount to replace the original 85mm turret.

The ammo carrier is similarly converted, with the turret replaced by a large ammo/cargo box with canvas top.  It will make a lovely target if nothing else.

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