Saturday, December 24, 2011

15mm Odds and Ends: M42, S-60, M113A1

Not getting too much done on the hobby front with with the holidays happening and all, but thought I'd post a few pics and whatnot to sort of tie up some loose ends.

First up are a couple of pics of the  Quality Castings M42 with a basic paint job:

The figure in the top photo is from Peter Pig's AK-47 line of figs.  Below is pic from overhead comparing it with a Quality Castings ZSU23/4 and a QRF ZSU-57/2.

Next up is QRF's Soviet S-60 57mm anti-aircraft gun from their Post War line of vehicles and figures.  Last I checked, QRF didn't have a photo of this on their site, so thought I'd post one.

This is actually quite a nice model, and I did not do it any justice.  It is very busy, with very nicely detailed,  finely cast parts.  It is fiddly, and I left a few pieces off, rather than break them off later.  Still, the photo gives some idea of the quality of the model itself.

Lastly, I finally added my M113A1 to my website at:

It is cast in resin and comes unpainted and unassembled in 7 pieces.  The commander's hatch can be positioned open or closed, and can be built with or without the gun-shield.  Note that the gun mount is fiddly, and that I had best success in building the model by gluing the the mount to the gun, and then gluing the gun assembly onto the commander's cupola. 

Hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and great Holiday Season.

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  1. The good news about the M113!
    Thank you! Merry Christmas!