Friday, October 7, 2011

WIPs: 15mm M113A1 Master

Shortly after I started working on 15mm modern vehicles masters, I roughed out several hulls and chassis for various vehicles with plans to work on them in batches, as I had with World War II vehicles some years before.  Unfortunately, a problem with tendons in my right hand decided that I would progress at a much slower pace, so a number of these roughed out models went into the "wait 'til later" heap on my workbench. One of those chassis was that of a M113A1 personnel carrier. 

When I work on masters, I usually work on two of them simultaneously, adding detail to one and then the other, while the work on the first one dries.  After wrapping up my AAV7, I needed another master to work on while trying to finish my M-ATV.  So, rather than starting another model, I pulled the M113 out of the heap.  While I continue to close in on the M-ATV, the M113 came together very quickly, and it may well be done before the M-ATV.  Anyway, here are some WIP photos of my M113 hull:

The M113 is a very compact vehicle, as shown below, next to one of my M2A2 Bradleys.

My M113A1 will be a five piece model, Hull, 2x tracks, commanders hatch, and .50 cal MG and mount  for the commander.  The tracks are still pretty rough, and I have yet to start on the MG.  I don't really have a completion date for the M113, but it won't take too much time before it is done.  I just wish the M-ATV would come along as quickly.  


  1. really nice stuff. Very inspiring.
    How do you do the wheels and tracks?

  2. Geez you do some real nice work mate, for future reference where do I purchase your stuff from ?

  3. Wheels I usually turn on a lathe in styrene or acrylic. Tracks are a combination of styrene strips, and styrene and/or brass tube and rod, carved or turned and then assembled to create the track.

  4. Crackin' good, as always, Brian!