Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miniatures Projects 2010

Over the last few years, I've really focused on figure painting, while letting a lot of other projects set. This year, I am going to try the reverse. I don't have a tons of figs that I need to get painted, but I do have a tremendous number of terrain, building, and vehicle projects that range from being ideas sketched on paper to half built obstacles taking up space in the basement. My goal for the year is to finish the following projects:

20mm Vietnam

Riverine Terrain - Complete a modular section of river with at least one canal, an old church, bunkers and a village site inspired mostly by the book "Riverine". This will consist of roughly 78 square feet of modular foam terrain.

Village - Complete buildings for a Vietnamese village, starting with the Britannia hooches, then either add a few from another manufacturer or scratch-build them.

PBRs - Complete Britannia PBRs and sampans. Maybe add a couple scratch-built sampans.

Complete M113 and M48 kits - Complete kits for 4x M113 and 1x M48 and also add a couple of 2.5 ton trucks a couple of Jeeps.

Vietnam Civilians - Find and complete more civilians. I need villagers and refugees to add more chaos tot the games.

15mm World War Two

US vehicles - Finally make castings of US vehicles that I mastered in the early 1990's. Complete at least one company of Shermans and M3 halftracks, and several supporting platoons of various types.

15mm Modern Africa

Airport - Build airport/airbase for scenarios in my fictional campaign. I have several scenarios taking place at an airbase/airport.

Presidential Palace - Build a presidential palace for the Mugabian president. I'm guessing that I'll need it at some point, and expect that it will consist a few modular buildings that be used as freestanding buildings in the meantime.

Houses - Add at least 7 more houses and small shops to my collection of African buildings.

T34/85 - Complete master and cast a company for the Mugabian army.

BTR152 - Cast a company of BTR152s. Pulled the first couple of castings this past week.

M2A2 - Complete/modify the master and cast a company for my US troops.

Uwanda Helicopters - Choose, procure, and complete helicopters for the Uwandan commandos.

Barricades - Make a bunch of "Mog" type barricades.

15mm Afghanistan

Gaz66 - Complete and cast a bunch of trucks for Soviet convoys and various duties in Afghanistan and Africa.

28mm Science Fiction

Ayers' Farm - Paint the house and complete the farm buildings for defense from alien intruders.

Ayers Family - Pick up and paint figs for the rest of the family defending the farm.

Post Apocalypse Terrain - Finally build the ruins of humanity. This will be a modular system for ruined cityscapes, and the initial build will involve at least 54 square feet of modular foam terrain.

"Out West" Town - Complete the buildings that I have had half done in the basement for the last two years. Think route 66.

"The Hood" - Based on part of my childhood stomping-grounds, will provide the core of an inner city for contemporary/near future/ post apoc games. Involves completing several buildings already started and adding a few more.

Birdman Museum - Complete the birdman museum for the "Out West Town". The museum is inspired by those many roadside museums that I saw as a child and will feature artifacts of the ancient "birdmen". Much to the surprise of the towns people, the birdmen will be coming for their holy relics.

Scavenger Village Expansion - Additions to my post apocalypse scavenger village will include a couple ruined buildings/hovels, debris/junk heaps, and other various detail items for the village.

Contemporary Police Station - Build a police station for "The Hood". It may or may not double as a station for the "Out West" town.

Near Future Police station - Build either a new structure or more probably a futuristic addition to the contemporary police station for various near future scenarios.

Zombies - Buy and paint the Cold War Zombies.

Wasp CS Aircraft - Build the "Wasp" close support craft that I designed a couple of years back. It was literally inspired by watching a couple of wasps that were hanging around the back porch a couple of years back.

Beetle Utility Transport - Build the "Beetle" transport aircraft , a companion to the Wasp, for my Imperial troops. Sort of a sci-fi "Huey".

Imperial APCs - I picked up a Landraider kit a couple of years back and decided that I almost liked it, but there are just some things that strike me as being "wrong". I struggle with the silliness of GW designs. I realize that they work in the 40K environment, but my IG/SPace Marines serve in more "down to earth settings" too. So, I decided to scratch-build them the "right" way. I made some sketches and put them in the stack. Hopefully I can finally get some rides for my Imperials this year.


  1. I had the Monolith Designs hooches at one point (sold them because I swore I wasn't going to do the 'Nam...yeah, right). They are pretty good, comparible to the Brittania, a tad more expensive. Here's the list: http://www.monolithdesigns.co.uk/vietnam.htm

  2. Just checked them out, price doesn't seem too bad, especially considering how much time it would take me to scratchbuild them all. I'll probably pick some up once I get the post-apoc terrain off of my table. Thanks for letting me know about them. By the way, check out the Ebob palm trees, they look really good.