Monday, April 24, 2017

AAR25: War in Mugabia, Air Battle at Objective B5 - Part1

As the Uwandan forces prepared to crossed into Mugabia at objective B5, 6xF5As offered air cover against the Mugabian air force.  Initially, the only resistance that could be offered was by three Mig15s, which were ordered to attack Uwandan aircraft if present, and ground targets if not.

Objective B5 is a town just across the border and river 
about three quarters of the way up the map.

The Air Battle at Objective B5: Part1

The F5As were aware of the Mig15s early on, due to ground radar and radio traffic, and were ordered to hunt them down.  The F5s broke into three groups, the first of 2x F5s would be the bait to gain the attention of the Migs, while the second group of 2x F5s took a high northern circuitous route to hopefully gain unnoticed advantage over the Migs.  The last pair of F5s maintained cover over the objective, in case more Mugabian aircraft arrived (it was believed that 4x F5s were enough to deal with the Mig15s).

The F5s in the foreground are  actually 2 "sticks" or about 9000
feet above the Migs (middle group) to the left.  The Migs in turn are
one stick above the F5s farthest from the camera.
Despite the F5s being warned of the Mig15s by ground radar and  radio traffic, the Migs managed to spot the two F5s playing bait first at around four miles out, and at roughly the same altitude as the Migs.   Meanwhile, the Migs chose to climb as they closed on their prey their.  The Migs failed to spot the high flying F5s.

The F5s finally spotted the Migs at about three miles and continued to fly straight and level until about two miles out.  During this the other two F5s at higher altitude had also seen the Migs and continued to close at higher altitude.

The bait began to dive, and so did the Migs.  As both the Migs and F5s cruise speed were similar, the F5s were able to outpace the Migs, making it hard for them to lose enough altitude to get into range.  For the most part, he Migs were too high and too slow to take advantage of their position.  Ironically, the other pair of F5s found themselves in a similar situation, having started their descent too late, they allowed the Migs below to just get within range of the bait F5s, while still being too high to fire on the Migs. 

The Migs are diving and will wing-over to move into position behind the F5s. 
They are still almost 5,000 feet, slightly more than one altitude stick, above the F5s. 

The Bait F5s were more than a little worried, when they began to take shots from the Migs.  But despite one shot finding its mark, the bait suffered no damage, and eventually, the other pair of F5s both managed to fire a Sidewinder each at the Migs.

Just before the Migs performed a wingover, moving into position to fire
at the F5s beneath them.  And, exposing there rear to the F5s nearer the camera.

In all seven shots from the Migs yielded no damage to the F5s, which had pulled out of gun range of the Migs, so the Migs broke off  the engagement with intension of going home to get reloaded.  About this time, one of the Migs finally noticed the inbound missiles, and all three Migs broke into hard turns.

Missiles just before impact, killing two of the Migs.

Both missiles were forces to test to see if they maintained lock on, both did, and in an instant, there were two fireballs in the sky, no pilots were seen to bail out.

The four F5s had been drawn south and east of the objective, and decided to return to the objective to cover the Uwandan advance.  For the time being, Uwanda had air superiority, and their ground attack aircraft were free to attack Mugabian targets.


A hopeless mission for the Mig15s, though they did manage to delay Uwanda's ground attack aircraft for a few minutes, but were out-numbered, and over matched by the F5s.  The remaining Mig15 was too low and the F5s were too far out of position to pursue, and it only had a single burst of ammo left for its guns.  It was successful in its choice to go home.

I still can't get over how hard it is to line up shots and then get lock-on with the early AAMs. I am also considering doubling the "ground" scale in the game to spread out the stands during the dogfight.  It gets very busy in the furball.

Sorry about the terrible photos and relatively bland game, but needed to resolve this before the next ground battle, which is very different from the last.


  1. Cool! I'm guessing those are 1285th scale? Nice missiles!

    1. Yes 1/285, all from I-94 Enterprises Raiden line. Pretty nice models at a pretty price.

  2. Thank you for posting! It was an interesting read.